Why NFT collectors should consider buying from new artists | by Sandra Thaw | Mar, 2022

As NFTs (non fungible tokens) become a huge topic these days, more and more artists and investors are found to be jumping into the NFT world in 2022. So if you’re just starting to collect NFTs right now, popular NFT collections can be a little bit (not too little though) pricey for you as an amateur.

My advice for you is, if you’re a starter, it would be better for you to collect NFTs from small artists with affordable prices. But hey, don’t get me wrong! That doesn’t mean you should buy some randomly and poorly made ones with very cheap prices because those are unlikely to sell at a profitable price for you again.

There’re some young artists out there, making great arts (2D or 3D, whatever), who are worth supporting. Those kinds of NFTs can be a good investment for your future because you can buy most of them at an affordable price and flip it for your profit. The best time to buy is the first launch of a collection because that’s the price you want the most, you know.

Alright future NFT collector, if you get what I mean, let’s keep going! Most of the newbies, both artists and collectors, are more favourable to dodge Ethereum blockchain’s high gas fees with Polygon blockchain, which is gas free. You may want to change to whatever blockchain you like after investing and making profits for a while but it’s safer for you to start gas-free because gas prices can be super duper high sometimes.

A little bonus advice for you here! There’s one small collection coming out from a new artist on March 19th this year, which is completely gas-free because it exists on Polygon blockchain. Moreover, the artworks are completely hand-drawn and 1/1 unique, i.e. there’s only one copy of the artwork and if you buy one from the collection, you’re the only person in the world who owns it. Also if you’re a cat lover, this one’s for you because those are cats ❤

The collection is named Pog Kat NFT and if you’re interested to check it out, here are the links to all of their socials and OpenSea store. So, good luck out there! I hope you find success in your NFT journey and find my article helpful.

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