What is $CHIPS?. What is CHIPS in CasinoBOX? | by Cassino BOX | May, 2022

What is CHIPS in CasinoBOX?

CHIPS is generally small discs that are used instead of currency in casinos in round shape like coins but made of plastic or metal. And you can exchange these CHIPS for fiat money like a dollars, euros, and other currencies.

About CHIPS in CassinoBOX we create CHIPS for ecosystem on CassinoBOX, Based on BEP-20, We use BEP-20 blockchain because, fast transactions, easy and safe.

CHIPS is ecosystem on CassinoBOX and CHIPS cannot be traded on any exchange. Can only be swap for CBOX tokens in the game/platform, if you want to make money, You have to play casino or other game on the CassinoBOX platform and you need CHIPS for play, CHIPS is currency token in the game only CHIPS can be used to play, while CBOX is the main Tokens if you want to swap CHIPS to CBOX for swap to exchange.

If you want to play casino or other games, You have to swap CBOX tokens to CHIPS in the CassinoBOX platform. And if you want to swap CHIPS to real money you need CBOX tokens for exchange, CHIPS can only be swap for CBOX tokens on the CassinoBOX platform with a swap ratio of 10:1

For play casino using CHIPS
You have 1000 CBOX and you want swap to CHIPS for play casino, the CHIPS you will get is 10,000 CHIPS

For swap CHIPS to CBOX Tokens
You have 10,000 CHIPS result of your win at the casino and you want to exchange it for real money, You should to swap the 10,000 CHIPS to CBOX Token. If you have 10,000 CHIPS, you will get 1000 CBOX tokens.

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