The Web3 Project Introduction What is Web 3 in summary? | by The Web3 Project | Feb, 2022

The Web3 Project Introduction

What is Web 3 in summary?

In Web 2.0 we are limited to reading and writing within centralized networks owned by big companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc. All our data is stored in their servers and then sold to 3rd parties for profit. If Twitter one day decides to turn off their servers, all their users would lose their data.

In Web 3 individuals will be able to own a slice of the internet without using other centralized networks. Thanks to blockchain technology users have more control over all their data, which is stored across the blockchain and own by the user itself, none can flick a switch and turn it off, as it is decentralized.

So Web 3 is characterized by internet services and mobile apps rebuilt on decentralized blockchain technology. It often includes a broad spectrum of emerging technologies like cryptocurrency, DAOs and NFTs. Some enthusiasts also associate gaming, the metaverse, augmented and virtual reality with Web 3 because some virtual worlds rely on blockchain-based digital assets.

Then it comes to question ? How The Web3 Project will be useful in this interesting world evolution technology?

The Web3 Project is concentrated on developing the Web3 ideology and its mission is to accelerate mass adoption of it through the project’s decentralized apps, no third party profiting from the users data, no censorship, no centralized entity in power. Built by the users, Owned by the users.

Their core Dapp, Whistle, will be an all in one application similar to the famous Chinese platform “WeChat”. It will integrate social life, payment and transfers methods, transportation and maps, finance charting and apps, networking and dating, chatting, shopping and marketplace, gaming, charity and other utilities. All while staying decentralized and keeping the user data in their hands.

The Project will also provide other utilities like a Swap with LP farming and Staking and a cross-chain NFT marketplace. Furthermore The Web3 Project will have a gaming platform where studios can launch their games and gain the exposure of its userbase. The first game launched in this plattform will be “The Upfinity League” A refreshing online multiplayer game with thrilling and challenging action mixed with strategic resource building.

Finally in their plans are The Web3 DApp store, where anyone can browse the hottest dapps on each blockchain, and building their own blockchain to improve the end user experience across Whistle and all other dapps.

All this while being run through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, keeping the power on the community and the Project fully decentralized.

What’s driving the Hype of Web3 and boosting the success of the Project?

Facebook’s rebrand as Meta in October 2021, along with technological giants like Tesla and Micro Strategy renewing their support of cryptocurrency nudged Web3 ideas about blockchain and decentralized technology into the mainstream which then popped out to the world radar.

Web 3, Blockchain, NFTs and the Metaverse has become a technological culture and consumer interest in knowing what is all the hype about is at all time high.

This is where The Web3 Project pops up as a leading technological venture supporting the Web3 concept. The Web3 Project brand is strategically positioned to succed under the current market by delivering high quality consumer end products that are deeply interlanced with this current emerging technologies. And the signs of success are already showing with the attention of counterparties, partnerships and other venture capitalists interested in being part of The Web3 Project journey.

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