SynAssets Airdrop Guide. This is an exciting day for us all… | by BITCOIN ANIMASION | Mar, 2022

This is an exciting day for us all! Today we’re ready to launch the app in a Public Beta version. Over the next week, we’ll use this Beta to gather feedback from the community before our V1 launch this fall.

To try SynAssets today, go to SynAssets Discord server #testnet-feedback channel to get amb-invite link!

Please prepare 0.1 MATIC for gas.

MetaMask wallet and BitKeep wallet can open SynAssets DAPP on its wallet. As Trust wallet is not compatible with the MetaMask plugin, Trust wallet users need to open the browser and then connect their Trust wallet address to SynAssets.

In this article, we will be highlighting some must-have steps to get airdrops and how to get higher rewards!

Have you ever heard the synthetic assets and SynAssets? Well let’s quickly explore SynAssets DApp in about 30 seconds.

Today we will test the platform IDO along with one sAssets named Matic DAO.

We need test the OG Market IDO or Public Market.

Here is the Dashboard for sTESTMATIC-DAO. And we will test the stake and bond functions. Ambassador can share the rewards of consensus network which will also be shared with all community members.

  1. Connect your Wallet.

2. Claim TestCoin and then add to wallet.

Claim TestCoin on the browser

We will mint two testcoins once *Claim TestCoin*, so that you need to confirm twice transaction on your wallet.

Two testcoins: #TEST_USDC for IDO, #TEST_MATIC for Bond.

Please note your wallet message, which may remind you to confirm.

If you use the mobile, click *Connect Wallet* and then still Click here *your address* to arrive your wallet page.

Confirm these functions with your wallet

3. Buy TEST_SAT token.

Join the *OG Market* or *Public Market* which you like.

*Approve, means allow the SynAssets connect with your wallet to use this function contract.

Click *Approve*

Click *Confirm*

*Enable, if you use *OG Market*, you have to buy 1000 TEST_USDC and if you use *Public Market*, you have to buy at least 500 TEST_USDC each time.

Input amount and Click *Enable*

Click *Confirm*

You need show us some TEST_SAT in our DAPP Wallet or your external Wallet is both accepted.

Show your DAPP wallet has TEST_SAT

Show your external wallet has TEST_SAT

4. Bond TEST_MATIC to get sTest_MATIC

Click *Bond*

Click *Approve*

Click *Confirm*

Cuz here is 2 days Vesting Term, which means your sTEST_MATIC will be gradually released during this period, please bond more to get some sTEST_MATIC quickly. What’s more, you can Claim Testcoin many times for a small gas.

Click *MAX* and *Bond*

Click *Confirm*

Now here you can see your Pending Rewards is 40 sTEST_MATIC with none Claimable Rewards right now.

Your will get 0.01 sTESTMATIC in about 3mins if you bond 2000 TESTMATIC once.

For less gas, we recommend you Claim and Autostake. You can reduce the gas of *Stake Approve* and *Stake Enable*, cuz you have auto stacked your sTESTMATIC to stake pool by protocol.

So now you can see that you have staked some ssTESTMATIC without *Approve*.

If you do not *Autostake*, you can also test Stake function to get ssTESTMATIC.

  1. *Claim your sTESTMATIC. Claiming more testcoin and Bonding more TESTMATIC can help you to get sTESTMATIC quickly.

Click *Claim*

Click *Confirm*

2. *Stake sTESTMATIC to get profits.

Click *Approve*

Click *Confirm*

Click *MAX* and *Stake*

Click *Confirm*

Now, you can see you stake more ssTESTMATIC and gain profit for you.

Why your Staked Balance is ssTESTMATIC rather than sTESTMATIC? Cuz ssTESTMATIC is your mortgage certificate which helps you to get your sTESTMATIC back.

Now let’s get back.

Click *Approce*

Click *Confirm*

Click *MAX* and *Unstake*

Click *Confirm*

So now we have completed *Unstake* process.

You just need to prove that you have TEST_SAT and SSTESTMATIC in your wallet address.

Open the protocol testing report form. It contains testing assignments.

You have two ways to confirm you complete the must_hand steps. But you have to ensure your wallet address in here.



  1. Why I cannot participant in IDO?

inviter no exist

Ans: you have to use one invitation link from Discord server #testnet-feedback

2. Why I meet transaction wrong on my wallet?

Ans: your node may not refresh or loss connect. If your gas fee is too high, please reject and then refresh your DAPP.

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