Staking VPunks: How to Stake $VPU and Earn Passive Income | by Critterclub | May, 2022

VPunks are a utility based Non Fungible Token (NFT) project on the VeChainThor Blockchain. Amongst its growing base of Play to Earn (P2E) games, VPunks offers its community passive income opportunities through Annual Yield Percentage (APY) staking pools. This article will discuss two (2) VPunks staking pools and describe how to join them.

VPunks NFT has hosted a total of three (3) staking pools since August of 2021. As of May 9, 2022, two (2) staking pools remain active:

  • VPunks Staking Pool 02 offering twenty-six percent (26%) APY
  • VPU Staking Pool 01 offering ten percent (10%) APY

Below you will learn the benefits and requirements of each staking pool.

VPunks Staking Pool 02 offers twenty-six percent (26%) APY for a maximum staking commitment of three (3) months. This pool requires least two hundred (200) $VPU to be staked within a VPunks NFT. This staking pool has been allocated one million (1,000,000) total $VPU for staker reward. The length of time a community members wishes to stake for will impact the percentage yield the staker receives. The longer the VPunks NFT is staked, the more $VPU is returned to the owner. VPunks Staking Pool 02 is currently (as of 5/9/2022) sixty-two percent (62%) claimed.

The following describes the staking process for VPunks Staking Pool 02:

Step 1: Accessing the Staking Pool

After connecting a wallet, click the wallet dropdown bar pictured above and select “Your NFTs”.

Step 2: Prepare the VPunks NFT for Staking

After selecting a VPunks NFT from the wallet, click the “Staking” button in the popup window.

Step 3: Staking the VPunks NFT

Note: Minimum of 200 $VPU/Maximum 10,000 $VPU and Duration Minimum of 1 hour/Maximum of 2160 hours. Choosing to “Link stake with NFT” will result in the transfer of $VPU earnings and original staked $VPU amount to the buyer of that NFT should it be sold prior to the close of the set staking duration.

From the staking pool popup window, complete the fields accordingly and select the “Submit” button. Submitting will trigger a transaction signature which, and upon completion, will activate the staking pool.

Step 4: Withdrawal of $VPU

Staking withdrawal is NOT a passive function. The staker must manually withdraw the $VPU at the end of the staking period. A staker may check the remaining duration of stake and withdrawal $VPU by clicking on the staked VPunks NFT and selecting the “Withdraw” button from the popup window. Early withdrawal is not allowed.

$VPU Staking Pool 01 offers ten percent (10%) APY and a free Vemojis NFT with a minimum staking requirement of two (2) years. The staking pool has allocated five thousand (5000) total staking slots; one thousand (1,000) $VPU increments are staked for each slot. $VPU Staking Pool 01 is currently (as of 5/9/2022) sixty-five percent (65%) claimed.

The following describes the staking process for $VPU Staking Pool 01:

Step 1: Accessing the Staking Pool

From the VPunks dropdown menu on the left of the screen, select “Staking”. On the staking landing page select “Staking” under $VPU Staking Pool 01.

Step 2: Prepare the Staking Pool

Note: $VPU Staking Pool 01 requires staking in 1,000 $VPU increments for a minimum of 2 years.

In increments of one thousand (1000) $VPU, complete the “Staking amount” field and select “Submit” at the bottom of the popup window. Selecting Submitting will trigger a transaction signature which, upon completion will activate the staking pool.

Step 3: Claiming a Vemoji NFT

Return to the staking landing page and select the “Vemojis” link or visit:

Step 4: Accessing the Minting Tickets

After connecting a wallet, select “Mint NFTs” from the Vemoji NFT dropdown menu at the top left of the page.

Step 5: Minting a Free Vemoji

From the Mint Vemoji landing page, a staker will find an amount of available tickets. Complete the “Amount of NFTs to mint” field to use the tickets for minting and select “Mint Vemoji”. Complete the transaction signature procedure.

Step 6: Reviewing your Vemoji Mints

Select the wallet from the top right of the page and click “Your NFTs” to view the minted Vemoji.

Below are some helpful links to the webpages discussed in this article:

For assistance, join the VPunks discord:

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