Smart Ways To Save Money On Crypto Doesn’t Have To Be Hard: Read These 5 Tips | by Louie Pinto | May, 2022

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A crypto wallet doesn’t really keep your digital money, but it does include a private key that allows you to exchange bitcoin over the internet. This private key serves as your digital identity on the bitcoin market, and anyone who obtains it can carry out fraudulent transactions or steal your money. To hack digital wallets and steal/transfer crypto assets without the user’s awareness, cybercriminals employ complex approaches. When it comes to protecting your digital cash from hacks, securing your wallet is critical.

Here are a few options for storing your cryptocurrency:

Invest on a Cold Wallet.

Cold wallets, apart from hot wallets, do not have access to the internet and hence are not vulnerable to cyberattacks. The safest alternative is to store your private keys in a cold wallet, also known as a hardware wallet, which comes encrypted.

Use a secure internet connection.

Just use a secure internet connection and avoid social networking sites while trying to trade or conducting crypto transactions. Have used a VPN even while connecting to your home network for further protection. Your IP address and location are changed using a VPN, which keeps your internet behavior safe and confidential from threat actors.

Keeping Your Personal Device Safe

To protect against recently identified security flaws, make sure your you is up to date with the newest virus definitions. To prevent malicious people from exploiting the flaw by building programs to attack it, use a robust anti-virus and firewall to increase your device’s security.

Passwords Should Be Changed Frequently.

When it comes to safety, the value of secure encryption cannot be overstated. According to the research, three-quarters of millennials in the United States were using the same password. The majority of them were also using the same password on over 50 different sites, according to the report. Make sure you have a strong, complicated, and tricky password that you update on a regular basis. If you have many wallets, use different passwords for each.

Don’t fall victim to a phishing scam.

In the bitcoin industry, phishing attacks using harmful advertising and emails are common. When performing crypto trades, be cautious and prevent any questionable or unidentified links.

In a previous bitcoin theft, the cyber organization “CryptoCore” used spear-phishing tactics to attack cryptocurrency exchanges. Since 2018, attackers have targeted organizations in the United States and Japan, stealing cryptocurrencies worth $200 million in two years. According to ClearSky, before launching a spear-phishing assault, CryptoCore conducted a reconnaissance phase to identify the email accounts of the cryptocurrency exchange’s workers and security executives. Fake websites mimicking related companies and personnel were used in these assaults, as well as malicious URLs included in documents sent by email.


Cryptocurrencies have evolved beyond digital novelty to billion-dollar technology with the potential to destabilize the global financial system in only a few years. Bitcoin and dozens of other cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular as investments, and they’re being used to purchase anything from software to real estate.

The cryptocurrency sector is always changing, and it is solely your obligation to safeguard your digital cash by safeguarding your wallet with the required security features. Stay current with the most recent security news, attack methodologies, and defense measures.

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