My Manor Farm Strategy. Get in early, stay late, farm your… | by Patrick Cryptozoa | Oct, 2021

Get in early, stay late, farm your brains out!

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There are likely several strategies on how to play the upcoming Manor Farm and the associated BUSD-DRIP miner. I’m not saying mine is the right way, just the way I am planning to play this.

I know that there are several assurances from the main dev and DRIP founder Forex, et al saying this Farm will be different. The tokenomics are designed to support the REV price, and the fact that it’s a perpetual farm makes it more likely that the price won’t dump once the farm is over.

Forex also emphasizes that the Mine will be different as well, avoiding the % drops we see in all the other Miners.

That may well be true, but what cannot be changed is the ecosystem that it finds itself in, the track record of farms that came before it, and their associated rollercoaster price action. They also cannot change the ruthlessness of whales, sniping bots, and simple human nature.

Having a presale also dictates the terms of the process:

  • Presale
  • Swap for pREV for REV
  • REV Public sale
  • Manor Farm
  • Manor Farm V2

This is not a fair launch, where the token is sold to the public at the same time as the farm launch. Usually this results in a sustained price climb as farmers buy the token in order to farm. It places farmers on the same footing as bots, and whales who are trying to buy as well.

This is not that.

20% discount to the public sale price.

Here’s the thing, how are they going to determine that? They might be able to fix a price at the start of the public sale, but it will quickly devolve into the dynamics of demand and supply.

A lot of it has to do with how successful the presale was. If it locks up the supply, then perhaps there will be a bidding war for the remaining publicly available REV token post-swap.

If the presale was wildly successful, the inevitable demand should drive the price up. If the price soars, then the price will then likely crater to nearly nothing prior to the farm launch as early buyers sell. Then the climb up reflecting the buying of the token prior to the farm launch.

I plan to keep some of my stake back in case the price craters to buy more.

Insane percentages will be offered on farmed liquidity pairs at first, especially for the native pairs. They might as well just state “infinite” for the return, as the return is determined by the number of participants. As more folks enter the farm, the ROIs will settle down.

Like I said, if there is the slightest bump in price there will be profit takers that will immediately tank the price. The key is whether the price recovers, and maybe even soars as folks buy the token in order to farm.

I’ve never been that successful with presales, actually. The uncertainty of the price action once public makes it tricky to predict. So, you should take everything I have said with a large chunk of salt.

What I likely will do is only purchase pRev with a quarter of my stake I set aside for this.

If the price soars the question is: do you sell?

Timing is tough, because: what if the price continues to climb? There are certain things to look for, but it’s easier to time the buy once it breaks down in price.

I look for when the price becomes less bad, watching for certain indicators and price volume prior to the buy.

If I got a good price at the bottom in the public sale, I feel I could safely enter native pairs linked to REV like REV-BNB. Native farming is not for newbies.

Newbies should just stick with the stablecoin pairs.

But, if you kinda know what you are doing, then “going native” benefits from the highest percentages (and the worst IL-Impermanent Loss).

If I screwed up somewhere, and bought in too high, either in the presale, or after the public sale, I would likely just enter a stablecoin pair, like BUSD-USDC, or similar, to make my stake back. Buying in low takes away alot of the risk, though.

Everyone and their dog is recommending to then farm for the REV, and then place it into the single REV Pool to earn on top of your REV earnings. No argument there.

Then I’ll just keep farming till the bitter end in anticipation of REV farm v2.

  • Just buy the presale if you can.
  • Farm a stablecoin pair like DRIP-BUSD.
  • Throw the REV into the the Single Pool REV pool.
  • Accumulate REV for V2.

The most uncertainty will likely happen from the public sale of REV till after the Farm launch. After that things will settle down. Having a plan for the inevitable confusion will take out a lot of the uncertainty.

If you want to avoid the headache, then just do the easy version. It may very well be the most successful way to do it, as it has the least exposure to loss (but also side-steps possibly huge gains.)

Make a plan — work the plan.

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