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The future of NFTs is an exciting one, and that’s why MMGon a mission to help scale the industry. MMG believe today’s true utility tokens should integrate both utility and games for mass adoption. An economic model that provides both incentives and value adding economics for token holders is what drives the success of NFT projects in our view. Thus, we are launching MMG: The NFT Game Platform — a blockchain-based platform that allows you to use your own ERC721 tokens as chips to play casino games.
The MMG project party aims to create a global NFT game platform, which is the infrastructure for various NFT games. The blockchain gaming market is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. However, this market has certain restraints. One force is the lack of a unified brand identity and NFT standard, which makes it difficult to carry out healthy promotion and construction. Another force is there are few well-established game IPs that can be converted into cryptocurrencies and make use of blockchain technology to form a circular economic model.

What is MMG ?
MMG is a platform that applies blockchain technology to the game industry. Using blockchain technology for game assets, online gaming platforms are better able to handle in-game transactions and to prevent fraud. All your transactions are recorded on the public ledger of blockchain technology.
MMG is an NFT protocol based on Ethereum. It integrates NFT finance and games. Through capital power, the MMG project party seeks to establish a circular economic model. In the future, the community will co-manage this ecosystem. The direction of blockchain investment will be determined by popular vote. The investment returns will be incorporated into the MMG ecosystem. The ecosystem’s funds are completely transparent. The project party is solely responsible for fund management and will collect fees.

MMG is all about increasing your wealth and offering tools to help the crypto economy thrive. MMG holders can stake their MMG to get dividends and vote on additional commodities that add value to the market. A buy-and-hold strategy might lead to exponential growth for MMG investors over time. Investors have the opportunity to engage in pools that pay larger dividends in exchange for some work and risk. Moreover, ALL MMG project partners can use a minimum of V-day of all revenues to get back a large number of MMG tokens and burn them, demonstrating that our cryptocurrency has value!

A fantasy for MMG
Its vision is confined into two segments: one is revolved around the meaning of games, and the other is based on displaying. A game can be viewed as a hypothetical social inheritance (close by various parts like workmanship, history, and thinking) that can be esteemed by people all over the place. MMG acknowledges that the current game box things are insufficient in both inventive psyche and creative mind, and thusly should be displaced. Rather than being a “game,” it is by and by saw as a product. Moreover, the value of games should be used to such an extent that helps people create and take on new affinities. You don’t have to envision that games are only for not a glaringly obvious explanation and entertainment to think they are huge.

Syndication gaming box:
Syndication lunch gamebox so everyone can play game through this stage and get a free mmg token with essentially no work. Everyone can acquire free mmg token from play game, fun and significantly more way. MMG seen the limit thourgh buy, sell and obtain game token.this project bunch is attempting genuinely and making this endeavor great. All of you are phenomenal. I’m sure that this association will have a fundamental spot soon. Good luck to the gathering and wish this adventure be great.
Additionally, MMG game box is a neighborhood intends to collect an overall organic arrangement of NFT games. It will create a mechanized presence where clients can cultivate their own high level assets and get credits by adding to the neighborhood; can similarly wholeheartedly exchange their electronic assets with various players.

Tokenomics of MMG:
MMg is nearby identification of monopolymillionair stage and at present mmg token trading live 2 exchange 1 is most noteworthy decentralized business trademark is pancakeswap and 2 bound together exchange XT exchange so this is extraordinary chance to buy mmg token now. Current expense of 1 mmg = 0.002$ and 24 hours volume 500,000$. Complete stock of mmg are 1,00000000 and stream Supply simply 30% so this is extraordinary opportunity to contribute this project now.
MMG holder get extra honor for holding mmg token at site and 10% token for presale holder, 10% exhibiting, 5% associates and 5% for overflow and airdrop Hunters.

MMG has a viable economic model to support the development of all economic activities involved. The project party takes advantage of the blockchain and has the characteristics of decentralized operation and digitization of assets.
In addition to the game and NFT game asset, MMG is also dedicated to having its own MMG Token.
Thanks for taking the time to read about MMG. We truly think that we will be able to shape the future of online gaming. We’re excited to see what this project can do, using blockchain technology and a unique economic model.

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