Learned Along the Way, a Nocoiner Reminisces | by Cas Piancey | Jun, 2021

Now that we’ve moved past this, here’s what I’ve learned:

It isn’t rude for anyone to ask the questions I’ve answered above. It’s fair to be skeptical of my, or anyone else’s, intentions — you should be! Just as you should be skeptical of Tether, or FTX, or any entity telling you a story. We all have biases and incentives, we all want something, good or bad.

While “I enjoy writing about fraud and find cryptocurrency fascinating,” probably sounds invalid, it’s the truth. I don’t know what else I can say about that.

But healthy skepticism means questioning both sides and it’s truly what cryptocurrency is supposed to be built on. “Don’t trust, verify.” This means read articles, and read articles to confirm those articles, and watch documentaries, and GO TO PLACES if you can. Verify, verify, verify.

I’m proud of skeptics and a lot of the people I interact with in the cryptocurrency space. I think many are aware of the risks involved — whether it be with Tether, trading on centralized and questionable exchanges like Binance, or knowing that some sh*tcoin can go to zero — and a lot of individuals make their decisions knowing those risks. Ultimately, as a skeptic, that’s the most I could possibly ask for.

I just hope more people begin to think like skeptics do.

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