I AM RYU. My name is Ryu. Some may have known me… | by Ryu | Mar, 2022

I still remember it was December 2020 when I first come across to Ryoshi medium. There was only one medium at the time. After I read the medium, I clearly understand what Ryoshi wanted to do. Ryoshi wanted to start a DeFi experiment token where there is no team but only volunteers to work on the project. Why the name Shiba? I don’t know, maybe Ryoshi love Shiba Inu? I’m just guessing. As I was saying after reading the medium, Ryoshi provided a few links from etherscan. So I was being myself, not so sure about you guys. I went through all the links and checked one by one on etherscan and everything was good

So my Shib Army journey begins here. I wasn’t active on Twitter, Twitter for me was to read some crypto news updates only. For being apart of Shib Army, what do I do? Well I’m no developer, so I can’t do much helping in developing. So I decided to help people to understand more about Shiba and give a helping hand as a volunteer to defend the line and the brand for Shiba. There will always be FUDDER and scammers among us. This is where my job is to defend for teh people like Ryoshi said, we do it for teh people. Shiba is Shiba, Shiba is never ever gonna be associated with anyone unless is announced officially by Shytoshi, Eric, Kaal or Milkshake.

I truly believe $SHIB is a game changer. Shiba has grown so much since I joined the army. I still remember like it was just yesterday when everyone was asking Shytoshi when Shibaswap? So many people panic as I was seeing but I’m glad those that hodl and trust the process. Those that didn’t, you just learned a very valuable lesson.

Always remember there is no such thing as Airdrop, Giveaway tokens from the Shiba Team. Don’t be naive or stupid. There is no such thing as free lunch in the world. If you get rekt, scam or hacked that’s because you greed and believe scammers. I had never been a fan of Influencers & Youtubers Shillers. If you have known me, you will know that I never like any of them. They are consider leechers and scammer to me. Most of them used to shilled Shib, that’s fine for me. After that they start shilling other token, I’m good too. What is not cool was they brought many innocent investor from Shib community to buy in other token and got rekt after. Influencer & Youtubers are smart, they always end their sentence with NFA (Not Financial Advice) to save their ass. So if you don’t wanna get rekt I strongly suggest not to follow this people no more, they are not healthy to us and they are using you to ask you to join the bandwagon while they are getting off at the other side.

Words to be remembered from Ryoshi

When you come to the appointed place at the appointed time and meet some person, introduce yourself as Ryoshi. If they do the same, then you have met a special person

Shall meet you all one day

Love Ryu

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