Community Town Hall: The next leap begins | by Siddarth Patil | Mar, 2022

On 24th March 2022, Comdex will hold its first community town hall event. This event will mark a turning point in our history! We have always considered ourselves to be a community-driven project but we believe that there is much more we can do. Both myself and the whole Comdex team are committed to striving for greater community focus and decentralization. To this end, I am introducing several key initiatives over the coming weeks that will invoke greater participation from the community & ensure we are providing multiple opportunities for the community to be a key part of the discussion around our roadmap for 2022.

The core vision of our team is to build a suite of decentralized financial products that would help to rebuild trust & fairness within the Commodities and Traditional Finance markets. Given that, this is our core mission, I believe that the Comdex team can do more to encourage community participation in shaping the future of our mission. This is where our renewed community focus, that is, beginning with the TownHall event, comes in.

The TownHall event is going to be a live discussion between myself, Abhishek Singh, rest of the Comdex Team, and our validators. The community is invited to join & comment on the thought processes behind key initiatives for 2022. Ultimately, we genuinely want to hear from our community in order to fully understand what they are looking for, so that we can deliver a solution that is bespoke to the needs of the community.

In the past, we have collected community feedback from the broader ecosystem & discussed how best to cater to our community internally, but are yet to share details regarding our future plans or our strategy for execution. Townhall Discussion is the best way to open up these internal discussions to both our validators & our community as a whole.

In this way we can keep our fingers on the pulse of the community & work with our validators who have a deep knowledge of the current industry limitations and who will have some great insights into the potential solutions.

From the town hall meeting we want to revitalize our initial roadmap, released in February & have a deep, collaborative, exploration of the details. We will be consulting both our validators and our community to ensure we are focusing on the key elements that our community feels are most in demand. Through opening up the discussion, we are going to firm up the initial roadmap with key details & agree timescales with our community to build a sense of ownership and shared contribution to Comdex in 2022. If successful, we will be holding multiple such town hall events in the future building upon this new initiative to remain attuned to the needs of our community as we work to build the future of finance.

I fully understand the power that comes from a unified & motivated community and so we want to use this event to mark the advent of renewed community participation, not just through governance votes but through genuine, deep discussion in our community forum and a renewed sense of commitment & ownership from our community.

Join the revolution on the 24th March 1900 UTC, as we kick things off with our first TownHall event!

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