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Dear community members, we are happy to present to you our newly updated roadmaps for the upcoming year. 2022 has already proven to be an interesting year, with a number of extraordinary developments occurring! Along with the relocation of our corporate operations, we have had several projects already committed to utilizing our Web3 cloud aggregator in order to access the benefits of the entire decentralized storage ecosystem through our platform. While such accomplishments may be telling of our diligence, we understand how important it is to give our community a clear idea as to where our project is headed and how we intend to accomplish our goal of being the top decentralized data storage solution. So now that the dust has settled, we are prepared to unveil our roadmap for 2022!

Full Product Launch

As we mentioned in our recent announcement, our full product release includes the final technical upgrades needed to get our platform fully functional! You can find more details in the article below:

Staking Launch

Our long awaiting staking program will be revealed! This will feature a standard APY 10% with no limits regarding the amount of tokens staked. Our staking system will allow us to implement further incentives later through our Store to Earn program, such as significantly increased APYs and other rewards.

Lottery Program

To celebrate our full launch, we will be creating a lottery with a $100,000 reward pool for those who are whitelisted. The lottery program will be a continuous way for us to give back to our community, and users can earn a variety of rewards such as $CLS tokens and NFT badges to use in our Store to Earn program. While our first lottery will be conducted through a whitelist, following lotteries will be open to anyone staking $CLS tokens.

Store to Earn: Stage 1

We are currently developing our Store to Earn incentive system: an NFT based incentive program. We will create NFT badges which serve to gamify our platform for those who are actively participating in our ecosystem. Our first badges will be tied to our staking system (Staking Badges) and our lottery promotion (Lottery Badges). We’ll be releasing a more detailed article on these badges in the coming weeks, and think you’ll be very happy to learn more!

Credit / Debit Card Billing

We will be implementing a way for users to use their fiat funds directly through their bank or credit card. This means that individuals and businesses alike can utilize $CLS and ColdStack’s platform for storage, regardless of their familiarity with cryptocurrency. We’re confident that doing so will better enable us to appeal to traditional Web2 enterprises and those outside the crypto-community.

3rd Party Backup Tools Integration
We will make it so that users will be able to utilize a wider range of 3rd party S3 compatible backup tools. This will involve further testing, as well as obtaining further feedback from our community to determine which features and clients are most desired.

ColdStack Desktop Clients

We will be creating specific Windows / Linux / Mac clients, which will add client-side encryption and decryption. While all of ColdStack’s uploaded data is encrypted and users are able to encrypt data prior to upload, easy client-side plug-ins allow us to create an open-source way for users to verify ColdStack has no interaction with one’s data, and that all data is 100% safe.

Store to Earn: Stage 2

Our second stage of Store to Earn badges will include ecosystem participation badges, such as Storage Badges (based on user’s data uploaded), Social Badges (based on user’s activity in and outside the ColdStack community), and Referral Badges (based on users bringing others to our platform). In addition, we will focus on NFT marketplace interoperability for these badges for secondary Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain marketplaces.

ColdStack Server Side Tools

Server side tools, including Docker containers which will allow projects to encrypt and decrypt their data in the same independently verifiable manner as described in our Desktop Client section. This guarantees that projects can have full confidence in the safety of their data through a fully open-source and transparent code which anyone can audit.

ColdStack Mobile Clients

We will be creating mobile client applications allowing users to perform encryption and

decryption, making them available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This enables users to easily encrypt and decrypt their data independently, right from their phones and mobile devices.

Integrated NFT Upload

We will tailor our API to give users the option to automatically mint NFTs based upon a file or files uploaded. Doing so means anyone can easily monetize their work and ensure it is safely stored in a decentralized manner. These NFTs can then be listed on any secondary marketplace.

Store to Earn: Stage 3

During the final stage of our Store to Earn implementation, we will include a Badge Crafting system, which will fully gamify our NFT rewards by allowing users to combine their NFTs to obtain new, unique, and rare badges. These badges will only be obtainable by our most active participants, or those who purchase them from a secondary marketplace. We will also create a native NFT marketplace, for trading, selling, and purchasing badges for reduced fees.

DAO Governance

DAO governance and oversight will be implemented, allowing users to vote on a variety of issues impacting our platform. You can find more details on our planned DAO vision in the article below.

While we have made our roadmap for 2022 as clear as possible, we want to ensure our community that these are not the only goals we have for the year, and will continue to find new ways to make ColdStack the best platform possible. We’re very confident that our platform’s release and subsequent integrations will give our community something to be excited about, but want to let you know we’ve come up with a number of ways to encourage engagement and encourage our users to give us as much feedback as possible! Please be on the lookout for new updates as we continue to improve based on community feedback, as well as our plans for 2023!

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